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Electric Mayhem

"Use the power of mental thinking!"

Searching for distractions/time killers at work, i was introduced to LJ at the end of 2005. I've been really horrible about keeping a written journal since about the turn of the century, so now i'm killing two birds with one stone. It's also great to keep in touch with a bunch of friends at once. (I have a chronic problem of telling a story to one person twice, and not telling someone else at all!) Sometimes my entries will be amusing to all, sometimes they will contain venting about things troubling me, and sometimes they will be downright mundane... expect a lot about music from me, since i'm both a passionate rock/punk/etc. fan and a musician. I love travel, especially when it involves Las Vegas and/or seeing friends. I am a self-proclaimed candle addict, and i love things that light up or smell good.